The rebranding of LINKFLOW to CROWD

CROWD Official
3 min readNov 8, 2021

As announced in the recent notice, the rebranding of the LINKFLOW service is on schedule and our team is excited to present to you all in short time. As the existing LINKFLOW service is reorganized into the CROWD service, LF will also be swapped into CROWD tokens at a 1:1 ratio. In the future, we will provide more detailed information about CROWD service, so lwe ask for your continues interest and support.

CROWD Overview

IDOs offer businesses a tool for engaging their communities in an economy that both enriches their products and services while allowing them to make smart business decisions regarding their assets. But in a realistic world, the opportunities to take part in IDOs are mainly opened to large scale investors/VCs or specific influencers.

The ultimate goal of CROWD is to provide a framework that gives equal opportunities to individual investors from the initial funding stage for the start-up blockchain projects.

CROWD is a IDO platform based on Binance Smart Chain to offer fundings to promising young blockchain projects with advantage of faster transactions and low fee under Binance Smart Chain. By staking CROWD Token in Binance Smart Chain CROWD Pool, investors are guaranteed to receive IDO Tickets based on the staking volume. IDO Tickets are issued in a form of tokens in Binance Smart Chain and they can be freely traded in BSC Network.

- Equal investment opportunity
- Utilize efficient and fast blockchain
- Decentralized Platform
- Use of advanced and generally used Blockchain Network

CROWD will improve and innovate IDO and Presale environment through organic and efficient Blockchain ecosystem.

Due to explosive growth of DeFi market in 2020, the popularity of DeFi Platform to be utilized as initial funding model has also grown. Along with ICO and IDO, a new term IUO (Initial Uniswap Offering) was created as IDO of Uniswap offered a lot of benefits to start up blockchain projects and equal opportunities to many individual investors.

But a lot of IDO platforms in current Blockchain ecosystem including Uniswap do not offer the most optimized environment for individual investors to invest in initial blockchain projects. For example, small number of specific large scale Venture Capitals (VC) are monopolizing funding and liquidity in initial stage of DeFi projects.

Not only by specific VCs, but there are many cases that developers or related influencers are also monopolizing the initial fundings. Even if the projects are opened to Whitelist, the opportunity is opened in specific period of time that the opportunity is not given to all the investors.

If the distribution is executed through the mining, the reality is that large scale investors receive the most tokens in most cases. Such cases like Uniswap or Pancakeswap that the liquidity is added by the developer team, as soon as the

Not only the problems of initial funding method in DEX platforms, as the awareness of Decentralized platform and userbase increase, additional problems such as high service fee and network congestion became serious.

How do we resolve the issues

CROWD Launchpad adopted community voting system from the project selection stage to be fair and transparent and uses Binance Smart Chain to take advantage of low transaction fees, high transaction speed and interoperability with other Blockchain network to be different from other DEX platforms.

CROWD Voting System uses Voting Power obtained by token staking to suggest or select project to execute IDO. All the voting processes and results are recorded on Blockchain under smart contract algorithm to be fair and transparent.

During this process the list of projects to execute IDO will be selected by CROWD team criteria. The CROWD team criteria include legal review, smart contract security audit, team reference and more. All the reviewed data will be opened to the public to maintain fairness and transparency for the benefit of all the investors.