Send CROWD token to Metamask Wallet

CROWD Official
5 min readApr 14, 2022


CROWD’s IDO platform has already been completed and will be launching its first IDO soon. Before that, CROWD is a decentralized financial platform, so it is necessary to connect a Metamask wallet to use CROWD. In addition, in order to use CROWD, you must be able to transfer tokens to Matamask. we will explain how to send CROWD from the centralized exchange to Matamask.

Send CROWD tokens from Bithumb Wallet to MEXC Wallet

As everyone knows, it’s easy to buy tokens from a centralized exchange and then transfer them to Matamask. However, as some exchanges began to apply travel rules to inter-wallet transactions, the process of transferring tokens became a little complicated.

Travel rules are ‘fund movement tracking systems’ established in the financial sector to prevent money laundering. It means that banks record the sender’s information according to the format required by SWIFT when sending overseas money. Simply, it’s a rule to share information when you send and receive virtual assets.

Previously, it was possible to freely transfer cryptocurrency from Bithumb to Metamask, making it very easy to do various activities. However, with the application of travel rules, tokens can only be transferred to exchanges designated by Bithumb. Currently, purchasing CROWD tokens from Bithumb and transferring them to Matamask wallet requires a cumbersome process to go through the MEXC. This may seem very inconvenient, but it reduces the risk of slow transaction time and mis-deposit.

First, we will explain what needs to be prepared to send the CROWD from Bithumb to Matamask.

Join MEXC and Identification

To transfer tokens from Bithumb to Metamask, you need to join MEXC, an exchange that allows Travel Rule. We’ll show you how to sign up for MEXC and authenticate yourself.

MEXC website :

The first time you access the website, you will see the membership page. Enter your information, enter the Verification Code, and complete to sign up.

Locate the profile in the upper right corner of the screen and click to display the screen as above. You have to set up three items.

  1. Setting Up Nicknames

Click the button on the right to change the nickname to the mobile phone number.

2. Identification (KYC)

You can choose between Verified Plus, which can remit up to 100 BTC at a time, and Primary KYC, which can remit up to 40 BTC. I chose Verified Plus. Select an ID card that can prove your country and follow the instructions.

3. Security

For security purposes, you can register additional security media such as e-mail, Google OPT, and so on. Although this is not mandatory, we recommend that you register your media for the safety of your virtual assets.

Register withdrawal address on Bithumb

Once you have completed all of the above courses, you can register your withdrawal address on Bithumb.

  1. Access with Bithumb Wallet and click Crowd Wallet.
  2. Select Make Withdrawal and click the Contact button.
  3. The Add Address button is created at the bottom.
  4. Copy and paste CROWD wallet address in MEXC on the screen and verify that it is the correct address. If necessary, please set a wallet nickname.

5. Select MEXC.

6. Upload a photo that can be certified as your wallet address..

7. Look at the example in the picture.

8. Completion.

After we’ve finished here, we’re all ready for the withdrawal. If you register your withdrawal address once like this, safe remittance will be possible without complicated procedures when withdrawing CROWD from next time.

To transfer tokens to the MEXC wallet

  1. Return to Bithumb Wallet and click the Make Withdrawal button.
  2. Select the Select Withdrawal Address button.
  3. Select the MEXC wallet you have registered.
  4. Enter the token quantity you want to transfer and send it through the authentication process.

Send token from MEXC to Matamask

If the CROWD token was sent to the MEXC wallet, it is not difficult to move to the Metamask. For those who have used MEXC, you don’t have to use Bithumb. You can also buy CROWD tokens from the MEXC exchange.

  1. Access the MEXC website or app and click the Wallet button.
  2. Search for CROWD in the asset list, access it, and select Withdrawal.
  3. Enter the number of tokens you want to send to the marked area and press the Confirm button.
  4. After the required certification process, the transfer is complete.

So far, that’s how we transfer tokens from the centralized exchange to Metamask. We hope this posting will help you use CROWD service. The next content is about the first project for IDO. Thank you.