Linkflow launches Crypto Prime Brokerage Service

Linkflow (, a Hong Kong-based crypto prime brokerage service, has announced on Tuesday (March 9th 2021), that along with its traditional asset management offerings, it is launching new digital asset-based services. The service is focused on a platform for providing seamless connectivity to the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem giving clients unprecedented access and management to a wide array of digital assets. Within the ecosystem there are many value-added services such as: valuation services, fund administration and management, asset lending, access to network staking and ecosystem voting. Linkflow intends for its new product to cater to and attract hedge fund managers and other high networth individuals and corporations from traditional finance into crypto investing to make trading and management easier for non-crypto investors by giving them access to a unified API gateway, secure services, and friendly user experience. Thereby bringing the new DeFi space to traditional investors.

While DeFi is projected to reach 1 billion users and $10 trillion dollars of on-chain value in the coming few years, projects and individuals have been limited by high fees, network congestion, poor user interfaces, and scalability issues. To resolve these issues, Linkflow helps users with access to liquidity, leverage, and yield generation through its own services.

“Linkflow sits in the middle of the DeFi and traditional markets and offers a one-stop-shop for spot and derivatives trading aggregation, margin extension, capital introduction, and even optimized bot trading” said Chris Jung, the president of Linkflow.

The core team was formed in 2018 led by blockchain & financial expert Chris Jung, while the Linkflow company itself was newly established in 2021 with an aim to offer collaborated Defi and Prime Brokerage services. It is headquartered in Hong Kong and has presences in both South Korea and Japan.

The team has been working with more than 30 institutional investors globally from both the crypto and traditional finance space which include: several mining pools with a large presence in Asia, crypto lenders and traders, and quantitative hedge funds with investments in traditional finance and exchanges.

Since prime brokers are in many cases the gateways to the market, institutional investors would greatly benefit from having a one-stop-shop solution like Linkflow to engage with the new, emerging digital assets market bringing easy access to major crypto exchanges, DeFi protocols and products, and a simplified onboarding process.


Head of PR

  • Jimmy Wong
  • Linkflow




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