Linkflow Finance made Asset Management Agreement with A Capital

CROWD Official
2 min readMar 26, 2021

On March 24th Linkflow Finance ( has made a digital asset management agreement with A Capital.

A Capital is a Hong Kong-based Venture Capital specialized in investment into crypto projects having operation assets of $10 Million and the main portfolio of Titan Swap. Linkflow finance has made a strategic agreement with A Capital to deposit a portion of A Capital asset into Prime Brokerage Service as a reserve pool to maximize profits.

Linkflow is currently having discussions with various institutional investors for collaboration and A Capital is the first to be onboard. “I am pleased to make the first brokerage asset management agreement with A Capital. We are planning to announce more collaboration plans with institutional investors.” Said Chirs Jung, President of Linkflow Finance.

Linkflow launched a Prime Brokerage service and a Defi service with the addition of Algorithm Trading. The ultimate goal of Linkflow Finance is to integrate the new paradigm Defi Service and regulatory finance, Prime Brokerage.

Linkflow (, a Hong Kong-based crypto prime brokerage and algorithm trading service, has launched a new digital asset-based services platform for providing seamless connectivity to the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem giving clients unprecedented access and management to a wide array of digital assets.

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