How to Use CROWD (Renewal)

CROWD Official
4 min readMay 2, 2022


CROWD is an initial dex offering(IDO) platform for all and is a decentralized financial system that anyone can use. Only proven projects can be launched on our platform, and the app is designed for anyone, including ventures, financial companies, and individual investors.

This is an easy-to-use guide for anyone to use the CROWD launchpad.

1. Connect Wallet

1–1 Go to our webpage.(

1–2 Click the Connect Wallet on the upper right corner.

1–3 Confirm connection with Metamask.

2. Staking

2–1 Click Bridge on the menu.

2–2 Enter as many tokens as you want for staking and press the Swap button to swap CROWD tokens from ERC to BSC network. If you do not have a BSC wallet, press the Add Network button on the right to add it.

2–3 Click Stake on the menu.

2–4 Enter the quantity and press the Stake button. Check the deposited quantity and staking time. After 72 hours, Power will be generated. The Power is provided according to the tier level, so please check the link below for more information on the tier.

2–5 After 72 hours of staking is completed, you can see that Power has been provided for your tier. It will be displayed in green letters.

2–6 If you enter the Leader Board, you can check the wallet addresses and token quantities that are being staked.

3. How to join IDO

3–1 Click the IDO at the beginning of the menu and look at the projects displayed in Upcoming Sales.

3–2 If you access the project page, you can see information such as the outline of the project and the IDO schedule.

3–3 To join in the IDO, you have to apply for the whitelist . Check the whitelist schedule and click the Whitelist button during the period. After checking the Legal Issue at the top, enter the requested information in order. The information requested could be depends on the project.

3–4 After checking the terms and conditions, check the consent box and press Submit to complete the application.

3–5 If you win the Whitelist, you can check the total amount of BUSD you can buy during the sale period.

3–6 Enter the amount you want and click the Swap button.

3–7 Check the fee and purchase amount in Metamask one more time and click Confirm. If you have available Powers left, you can purchase additional tokens within the sale period.

3–8 If you look at the Live Sales, you can see the filled percentage of the liquidity pool for ongoing projects.

4. Claim Token

4–1 When the sale is completed, you can receive project tokens in the metamask. Click Add Token to add the contract on the Metamask.

4–2 Click Claim to receive the project token, and check that the token has been received in Metamask. Fees may be incurred depending on the mainnet used by the project.

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