Ethereum-Based Linkflow Finance Soon to Launch IDO Platform

CROWD Official
2 min readSep 10, 2021


Dear Community

Linkflow Finance, a platform that focuses on creating a new paradigm for digital asset management, has announced its plan for an Initial Dex Offering Launchpad called LINKPAD.

LINKPAD is a new and exciting type of decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding platform, which is opening up a new way of fundraising in the crypto space. Through a tiered participation system, LINKPAD has found a solution to provide fair investment opportunities to everyone who holds and stakes LF tokens thereby giving current and future LF holders a low barrier to entry.

As LINKPAD is aiming to be a fully decentralized platform, the community will decide if applying projects are eligible for IDO listing or not. Only when a project reaches a certain level of community acceptance, will it be able to raise funds on the platform. To ensure project accountability and responsible usage of raised funds, the LINKPAD team will maintain communications, receive updates, and closely track project progress, to share openly with the community.

The Linkflow team has announced that the new IDO platform will open in 4Q 2021, and will initially include an offering of quality projects that the team is already in negotiation with.