Detailed introduction of CROWD UI

CROWD Official
4 min readNov 12, 2021


We would like to introduce the UI of CROWD, an IDO platform that provides equal opportunities for individual investors.

First of all, Initial Dex Offering (IDO) refers to the use of Dex when a project issues cryptocurrency. IDO offers investors a way to engage in communities to improve products and services and make better decisions.


The IDO market is growing in size with high returns and immediate liquidity when participating in the initial investment stage. But in fact, the opportunity to participate is only open to large investors, venture capital, or specific influencers. The goal of CROWD is to create a framework that provides equal opportunities for individual investors from the initial stage of startup projects.

2. UI Introduction

CROWD provides efficient investment methods and easy-to-use UI for individual investors in the blockchain market. The CROWD launch pad allows community voting from the project selection stage. In addition, BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is available to support low transaction fees, fast transaction speed, and liquidity between other blockchains.

CROWD’s ecosystem contributors can obtain Voting Power through token staking. This voting right allows you to propose or select a project to run IDO in the CROWD Voting System. In this process, individual investors must register their wallets on the project’s whitelist.

Scan the transaction details of the registered wallet and provide powers according to the quantity of the staked CROWD token. Wallets with multiple wallet users or suspicious transaction activities are considered blacklisted wallets, and whitelist rights are terminated.

Once the wallet connection is completed, you can check the schedule of the project that is currently in progress or scheduled to open on IDO. After that, you can apply for a whitelist for the project you want.

Users can check various information such as information on each project, token overview, and cryptocurrency issuance. This page allows individual investors to check the approximate information and potential value of projects that are not provided by other platforms.

Users who are listed in the whitelist can participate in IDO. If the allocated quantity is not filled, the remaining quantity will be handed over to the next participant. The order of participation and the number of purchases are determined by the number of power.

When all IDO processes are completed, the user is assigned a project token, and all transactions are recorded in the blockchain.

ERC20 CROWD token holders can smoothly connect CROWD tokens to BSC tokens through the Bridge menu. Assets deposited in the Ethereum blockchain (NFT, ERC20, etc.) can be converted into a Binance smartchain and vice versa.

On the leaderboard, the latest analysis and deposit amount of CROWD staking are displayed by ranking.

3. CROWD’s Governance

CROWD wants to provide participants with benefits such as fair project selection methods and low transaction fees. This is to create a safe and special IDO platform service. It also provides participants with a verification process for making decisions. CROWD’s processes are strictly protected and distributed using BCS smart contracts. In addition, when selecting a project, it is operated transparently and fairly using the team selection method and round system.

4. How to Use CROWD

(1) Staking

Users who receive powers through CROWD staking check the number of tokens in their account. Also, register on the whitelist of the project you want to participate in and wait for the announcement of the winners.

We will inform you about staking through other contents later.

(2) Swap

When a participant is registered on the whitelist, enter the amount after sales start. At this time, you must click the “Swap” button in the metamask wallet to complete the approval process.

(3) Commit

When the swap is completed, the CROWD IDO process is completed by receiving the project token.

In the next article, we will write about the criteria for selecting the IDO project.

Thank you.