CROWD’s Token Economy

CROWD Official
1 min readNov 23, 2021


Token economy refers to an economic ecosystem created by providing services with coins or tokens used in the blockchain. This ecosystem includes generating profits, providing rewards to participants, distributed ledger and governance.

In this posting, we will learn more about CROWD’s token economy.

  1. CROWD Token

To get the Ticket Token, you have to staking the CROWD token to the CROWD Launchpad. The issuance of CROWD tokens is 2.5 billion, of which 50% are allocated as collateral for the creation of Platform Rewards and CROWD Pool for services. 10% of the total issuance is allocated as Reward, and 15% is allocated as reserves in case of lack of liquidity.

  • Platform Reward 50% (1,250,000,000 CROWD) : “Ecosystem” expansion and Pool maintenance and profit security.
  • Token Sale 20% (500,000,000 CROWD) : Used for project development and platform maintenance costs.
  • Reserve 15% (375,000,000 CROWD) : To add and expand De-Fi products in the future. Reserve quantity to prevent CROWD Drain stare
  • Reward 10% (250,000,000 CROWD) : Project promotion and Reward costs
  • Team 5% (125,000,000 CROWD) : Set lock — up period for 1 year and release sequentially after 1 year.

In the next post, we will learn about the multi-chain that CROWD will pursue in the future. Thank you.