CROWD’s First IDO is Successfully Ended

Claim Your WE Token

Thank you and big congrats to everyone who participated in CROWD’s first IDO!
The first IDO project, WeBuy’s sale, ended at 09:00(UTC) on May 10, 2022. Go to the project page and click the Claim button! Of course, don’t forget to press Add Token!
WE token is a Klaytn-based token. Therefore, you have to deposit the Klay coin to Metamask to pay for gas.

Please Look Forward to the Next Project!

The sale started at 09:00 (UTC) on May 9. And it was sold out in an hour and 40 minutes. We would like to choose the next project after careful consideration for the participants. Thank you once again everyone. Please look forward to CROWD’s second project!




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CROWD Official

CROWD Official

Discover The Next Crypto Gem On IDO & Pre-Sale

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