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5 min readMay 4, 2022


Summary for CROWD Launchpad

IDOs offer businesses a tool for engaging their communities in an economy that both enriches their products and services while allowing them to make smart business decisions regarding their assets. But in a realistic world, the opportunities to take part in IDOs are mainly opened to large scale investors/VCs or specific influencers.

About Daniel

Daniel has been very interested in blockchain for last four years. He was involved in projects related to De-Fi, NFT and LP. He’s been in charge of BD of CROWD team since CROWD was rebranded. Based on his network and experience at Crypto Scene for four years, he is in charge of project development and operation of CROWD.

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Summary for AMA

Crowd is ERC-based, so why is the IDO process BSC-based?

First of all, we thought user convenience is important.
So we chose to use BSC network through bridge based on highly scalable ERCs and CROWD service was built through cheap and fast BSC network.

In this process of preparation and development, projects based on Polygon and Klaytn network were also needed to be developed so CROWD bridge was developed to accept other projects based on various networks. CROWD will accommodate various networks including Polygon and Klaytn, and become a fundraising platform for projects utilizing as many networks as possible.

Is it possible to withdraw from Bithumb to Metamask in the process of participating in IDO?

Sending assets from Bithumb to Metamask is only possible in few verified wallets due to Travel Rule.

However, it is not recommended because you have to go through a very cumbersome process such as face-to-face verification at exchange headquarters. In the process of preparing the platform, we found another exchange connected to Bithumb in order to solve this problem, and as a result, we listed it on MEXC.

Therefore, those who currently have CWD tokens in Bithumb should send it to MEXC from Bithumb, then send it again to Metamask. CROWD team is working hard to improve this problem, so it would be appreciated if you could understand our situation.

Is participation in IDO on a first-come-first-served basis?

IDO participation is by order of arrival. However, we proceed with the IDO after the process of selecting the people who can really help the project through the whitelist. Therefore, we have created a system that allows as many people as possible to participate based on the people selected through the whitelist. I think the factor of first-come-first-served is an important point because it is important how quickly the IDO is closed and how many people try to participate.

Our team will create an ecosystem where many individual investors are interested in initial investment and grow good companies together. In addition, I would like to emphasize that the CROWD IDO platform has been designed in consideration of the user.

In the long term, I wonder if there are any plans to guarantee the increase in the value of the CWD token.

The number of projects currently secured by the CROWD foundation and the project lineup currently under discussion are excellent. We are confident to keep attracting good projects constantly and community will be aware of this soon. If IDO goes well, more and more CWD token will be locked in to get more POWER.

Additional plans to use CWD are also being discussed within the team and it will be something more than IDO governance. For example, some projects which progress IDO using CWD governance are under development.
In addition, as IDOs related to buyback are going on, number of cases are in consideration including an accomplishment of much more buyback, so further increase in value is expected.

Has the IDO project been decided on?

As shown in the teaser, the first IDO project is already selected, NFT project. Communication with other IDO candidates is also active. Among various projects, those with high hype are considered because CROWD will have a huge impact on investor’s rate of return after IDO.

Projects for subsequent IDO will be also selected under careful verification, so participants can make reliable investments.

Do you have any future partnership plans?

A collaboration with various projects including Mainnet is under discussion. Two most important points in IDO are, however, marketing and supply of projects, so a collaboration with KOL around the world is being considered.

We will try to introduce high quality projects with the collaboration with KOL by acquiring partnerships with promising projects.

Is there a separate CROWD staking website for crowd staking or just do it on the existing website?

CWD staking is available within CROWD IDO website and it is well explained in Gitbook. Besides staking, everything including bridge and IDO are also available in the website. We will prepare well so that you won’t have any problem when the service gets launched.

Click the link below for more detail

I would like to know about the qualifications for IDO in CROWD

Among people who receive tier and power by staking CWD for 72 hours, those on the whitelist with KYC are able to participate. Participation fee can be paid by BUSD and a number of whitelist will be decided to the extent that a competition rate won’t be abnormally high. Missions can be possibly added if needed, but it won’t be difficult to participate :)

Can you briefly share CROWD’s top milestones, upcoming target milestones and roadmap?

The roadmap is basically the same as the following link.

We are currently at 2022 Q1, having ERC20 Bridge Integration and Launch First Project Pool as goals. Liquidity Mining, Staking for Governance are upcoming. Decentralization of IDO is expected with IDO based on a vote through Staking for Governance.

What does CROWD mean?

CROWD literally means a crowd and it is based on crowdfunding. Many structures in CROWD’s logo are stars symbolizing projects with huge potential. It has an ambition to discover and provide high potential projects to users.

Can you explain the difference or competitive advantage of this project from other projects that came before it?

The biggest advantage of the project is that it supports BSC, Klaytn and Polygon networks, and there are various actual confirmed projects. In other words, it is the only platform that the community can participate in the initial fundraising of the best projects of several mainnets rather than a single mainnet.

In addition, once IDO through governance is completed that we ultimately aim for, we can make a leap into a truly decentralized IDO platform. Through this, we will achieve differentiation from other IDO projects.

What are the differences depending on the CROWD Launchpad tier?

The team decided to apply a tier system to pay benefits according to the number of CWD staking of participants. The tier will be determined by the number of CWD tokens you are staking. The amount of power is fixed, and the total amount of BUSD that can participate in the sale varies depending on the power.

For more information, we have informed you through CROWD’s official medium, so please click the link below to check it.