Criteria for selecting CROWD’s IDO project.

CROWD Official
3 min readNov 15, 2021


CROWD team members are trying to select better projects so that IDO platform contributors can easily participate. What criteria should we choose for excellent projects? We will guide you through the criteria for project selection and organization so that all participants can know how each area in the site is operated. There are two main criteria for project selection. We use the CROWD team criteria selection and round system.


This is the basic project selection criteria for the CROWD team. After discussing and verifying with team members and other members such as major investment companies or VCs, we select safe and reliable projects.

  1. Team Members Reference Review
    First of all, the CROWD team reviews various parts of the project, such as basic information and white papers, to select only projects that meet the criteria.
  2. Team Integrity Review
    Projects passed in this process will be verified by the CROWD team for risks and defects. If defects are found in false information or road map progress during this process, the IDO process cannot proceed.
  3. Smart Contract Audit Review/Regal Opinion Review
    Review public opinions and whether the smart contract of the project is valid.
  4. Service Feasiblity and Progress Review
    Review the feasibility and progress of the project. In order to proceed with IDO, the project must be continuously operational, and it is a necessary process to check whether roadmaps and milestones are achieved.
  5. Major Investor Review
    If all of the above evaluation criteria are passed, major investors or VCs will be used to evaluate the potential value of the project and whether it meets the investment criteria.
  6. Community Activity Review / Project Transparency Review
    Finally, check the activity of the project community and check the fairness and transparency of the project. If this part is not proved, the process can no longer proceed.

After going through this six-step verification process, you will be eligible to proceed with CROWD’s IDO process. This is an essential process for safe and reliable investment. These criteria will be the basis for reliable IDO platform construction.


CROWD Round System is a project verification method by crowd ecosystem participants.

Users who receive Voting Power through CROWD token staking will be able to participate in the process to evaluate and select projects proposed by the CROWD team. Projects that are not supported by the CROWD community are not listed on the IDO because they are judged to be less competitive. However, in this case, they can try again in another round.

All processes in the round system are transparently recorded in the decentralized distributed ledger. Users get the opportunity to participate in the IDO in the order of voting rights and the number of power.

The round system reviews the potential of the project as the first screening process. At the same time, it helps the successful execution of IDO.

The following is the IDO process of the project that has completed the above two processes.

After the CROWD IDO vote is completed, community members will have the right to purchase project tokens according to the level of contribution.

Although there were many centralized initial investment systems such as Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), IDO is gaining huge popularity as a decentralized financial system without third-party intermediaries. It is an ideal blockchain system in which the token holder community has decision-making power and can claim its ownership without a centralized manager.

CROWD wants to give individual investors equal rights and help them make better investment decisions and make higher returns through the IDO platform. Please look forward to the upcoming IDO at CROWD.