[Announcement] Token Swap progress

Dear Community

We have deployed the new LF token contract to Ethereum Mainnet.

The new token contract has a 2.5 billion token supply, same quantity as the old LF Token contract.

The new token retains the same LF symbol as the old LT Token contract.

The new LF Token contract is as follow:


Important: DO NOT send any LF Token directly to the above address. Doing so will result in an irreversible loss of your token!

We’re coordinating the next phase of the token swap with the following exchanges:

· Bithumb The swap will take place during May 11–12th 2021 and completed by May 12th 23:00 KST.

· Degifinex The swap schedule will be announced soon after the final technical preparation with the exchange.

· Manual Swap Any holders holding the old LF Tokens in the independent wallets other than above-mentioned exchanges, please email to team@linkflow.finance of your current number of old LF Tokens, current wallet address where old LF Token is held.

Thank you for all your supports

Linkflow Team




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