[Announcement] Strategic Partnership with IOST

Prime brokerage and DFi project Linkflow Finance (https://linkflow.finance) has partnered with IOST, a public blockchain project based in Singapore.
Through the official Medium channel, IOST has announced the official strategic partnership with Linkflow Finance Foundation on May 6th. Linkflow announces the expansion to IOST ecosystem to resolve slow transaction speed and high gas fees of Ethereum Network.

Linkflow is Cryptocurrency platform that enables uses to understand and access various types of cryptocurrencies by providing information on cryptocurrency ecosystems and Prime Brokerage Service in DeFi model. The native token of Linkflow (LF) is listed in Bithumb Korea Exchange.

IOST is PoB algorithm-based infrastructure project founded by Jimmy Jung in October of 2018. PoB offers rewards proportional to the participation and contribution of each node. The goal of IOST is to develop high efficiency and expandable blockchain platform by establishing the infrastructure of ultra-high-speed transactions.

“IOST is a platform with fast network speed and the highest level of security. Our goal is to make various real-life use cases through many partnerships. We expect to offer prime brokerage services to IOST ecosystem users that never existed in IOST DeFi platform before through the partnership with Linkflow Foundation” Said IOST team.



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